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Our Covid-19 response

Covid-19 Response

Bodaty’s Covid-19 Response

During this time of crisis, I want to share with you how we are working tirelessly to help people.

At Bodaty, we are doing our part to help humanity navigate through the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. After much analysis and thought we have decided to target various aspects related to this pandemic, including -

1. Preventing the spread of the Covid-19 Virus

We have launched a program to get masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is antiviral/microbial to people who need it. There is a huge shortage of this equipment worldwide and while we realize that manufacturers are trying to ramp up we also know that these will not be delivered soon enough.

So Dr. Rao in our science group has formulated a few variants of antiviral/microbial coatings that can easily be applied to any mask to make them kill any viruses on contact, thus rendering them more effective than just physically blocking the virus. We’re currently testing these and determining in what form we would like to quickly distribute this to people.

Our goal is to get these antiviral coatings out to people immediately in a form that is usable in households, healthcare settings and by other mask/PPE manufacturers to create effective antiviral masks and protective equipment.

We will also collaborate with research laboratories in the next few months to further scientific studies to get potential FDA approval for some of these coatings and techniques.

2. Helping people who are homebound get the supplies they need

The lockdowns, social distancing and other measures to protect at-risk populations have left large swaths of humanity stuck at home. People still need things like groceries and other supplies.

To help homebound people get what they need to survive, such as groceries, we have updated and launched our Samyata retail ecosystem with features that include no-contact delivery, etc. Local stores can now put their inventory into the Samyata system, homebound buyers can order for non-contact delivery and personal shoppers can sign up to fulfill deliveries.

Unlike other delivery services, we have suspended all fees and commissions that we charge stores and personal shoppers. During this period of crisis, we’ve made a huge financial investment as well, to help people.

3. Helping people who have lost jobs and need money

Our goal is to recruit over a million people to work as personal shoppers through our Samyata retail ecosystem to solve the delivery problem. We realize that a lot of people have lost their livelihood and by being personal shoppers they can both make money and safely help other people in need.

Unlike other delivery services, we have suspended all commissions that we take from personal shoppers so they can make all the money they earn.

By providing meaningful jobs and passing through all earnings, we feel we can support people and the economy.

4. Enabling families to connect during this period of separation

Through our Living Link Suite, we are enabling families to connect and stay connected through family stories, memories, and connections. The separation forced on families and people due to social distancing can lead to very real problems associated with loneliness and other mental stress. We want to encourage people to take the time to record their life stories using Popopmomom and share them with their families. As long as they are stuck at home - they might as well do something creative that gives them a sense of connection. This also serves the purpose of ensuring that family stories live forever.

Families can collect stories through Kiddoflock and create a library of life stories from Popopmomom.

The stories, photos, and videos will ensure that families can connect and thrive despite social distancing.

Our goal here is to address the needs of people impacted by Covid-19 in many ways. Solving for their needs associated with their -

Safety through antiviral masks and PPE
Daily survival with groceries and products they need
Economic survival and growth through jobs as personal shoppers, and
Psychological and social well being - building connections with their family and loved ones through the sharing of life stories and memories.

It’s time to come together as a community and we are doing our part to help. We will survive and come through stronger than ever - together!

Srirajasekhar Bobby Koritala



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