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No Way! We can't let Main Street America die!

Main Street America

At this time of crisis, it is all the more necessary for all of us to come together as a community. ...And that means we can't let America's Main Street stores die. Cramer says that the result of the hardships faced by retailers due to this crisis will be that only the large behemoth players will survive. A lot of retailers may, in fact, face an untimely demise due to the Covid-19 outbreak induced recession. However, it doesn't have to be that way.

Samyata is now available to stores for $0 Fees and $0 Commissions, with no commitment, to help stores weather this crisis.

Samyata offers a great way for retailers to avoid this fate. We make it easy for buyers to shop and get their purchase within the hour whether it is by picking it up (BOPIS- Buy Online Pickup In-Store) or by using a personal shopper. If they choose to use a personal shopper, the buyer doesn’t need to worry about a store's e-commerce site or BOPIS solution being wrong - which happens a lot.
For stores, Samyata is the only platform that provides both BOPIS (with a free point of sale) and personal shopper delivery so they can effectively compete with the behemoths and attract motivated local shoppers.

Bringing it all together in a location-based approach is key. Personal shoppers solve issues with BOPIS. BOPIS and location-based search bring local shoppers into stores. Buyers benefit through one hour delivery from a combination of all of this.

Let's prove that America is resilient and Main Street stores and small to mid-sized retailers will not go the way of the dinosaur!

Here's the article by Cramer:



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