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More store closings, more retailers struggling

Well, here we go again. More store closings, more retailers struggling. What we need is new thinking. What we need is for retailers to break out of their traditional models and adopt new retail ecosystems like Samyata.
More store closings
Retailers still cling to old models such as -
1. e-commerce - Yes e-commerce is old news. Let us explain. It is no longer enough for stores to just throw up an e-commerce website using the plethora of e-commerce vendors and hope that people go to their websites rather than buying from pure-play e-commerce sites like Amazon. Plain and simple. If a retailer believes that they can avoid having their lunch eaten by these pure-play e-commerce sites, they are in for a drubbing. This is evidenced by the perplexed responses of these struggling retailers, who can't seem to see that their e-commerce sites will simply not hold water when it comes to competing against Amazon. Why would any shopper visit 15,000 different e-commerce websites when they can just go to Amazon? huh!
Heck, some of these retailers even hire huge IT groups, huge outsourcers, huge captive operations in other countries etc. to develop and maintain their e-commerce sites. What a waste of good resources - these IT groups and teams are great, but bailing water on a sinking ship doesn't keep it from sinking.

2. Sell thru a pure-play e-commerce site - So a lot of these retailers resort to selling through the enemy. They resort to aligning themselves with the pure-play e-commerce leaders trying to sell through them. The problem with this is that they pay an arm and a leg for this privilege. What the pure-play e-commerce guys charge them is, to put it mildly, a lot.

3. Affiliate marketing programs - ...and then there is the old standby - "affiliate marketing". Likely one of the most challenging marketing techniques out there and arguably a definition for wishful thinking. The theory is that somehow by offering blogs and other "relevant" websites the ability to offer links to a retailer's e-commerce website, somehow people will click and buy stuff from your e-commerce website. Sure! The problem with this is that people going to these "affiliate" sites are not thinking commerce - they are focused on what it is that they went to those sites or blogs for. The pure-play e-commerce sites have become so popular that they overwhelm these affiliate approaches - people simply think of going to the Amazons first.
What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

The only way to break out of these molds is to focus on newer ways of buying -
1. Geolocation-focused - find products where the buyers are
2. Local buying - appeal to buyers who want things immediately and locally. Things they can touch and feel or get delivered immediately by someone else like a Personal Shopper.
3. Equal playing field - buyers don't really care where they get products as long as they are close, convenient and they are treated well.

Samyata lets retailers overcome all these obstacles and delivers the new way of doing commerce - giving shoppers what they want, where they are, when they want it and delivered the way they want. It’s ultimately about being convenient and timely.