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Fast Company says "In 2020 Retail is Moving back to Main Street".

Moving back to Main Street
Yeah, it is!!!
...and Samyata will lead the way there - and here's why and how -
- Samyata connects Local buyers with Local stores and Local Personal Shoppers - focusing retail around where the buyer is
- Time and convenience - making things easily accessible, multiple options for pickup and delivery, and fulfilling requests within the hour
- Samyata deals with all the stakeholders in retail - Shoppers/Buyers, Personal Shoppers, and Stores
- Everyone talks about BOPIS (Buy Online Pick up In-Store) - Samyata does this for all stores subscribed to the Samyata Ecosystem - this is no longer just for the large retailers
- ...and Samyata doesn't stop there -with Personal Shoppers - buyers can have things brought to them and with Samyata Now personal shoppers can search and buy for buyers anywhere

Samyata means "equality" in Sanskrit and it is equalizing the playing field by bringing shopping back to Main Street. It doesn't matter anymore if you are Amazon, Walmart, Target or Mom&Pop Store - with Samyata, the exposure, and access to shoppers is the same. Far better than traditional e-commerce or brick and mortar.



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