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Selling Online or Selling on Mobile: Why Not Both?

Hearing that selling online is a big business should come as no surprise. But you may be surprised to hear that selling on a mobile app is an increasingly attractive option. The average smartphone user has around 4 shopping apps installed, with 72% of shoppers thinking mobile apps facilitate shopping and 37% reporting that they would download a shopping app with a specific purchase in mind1. They appreciate the convenience, the speed, and how their content is personalized and their settings are saved2.

Unfortunately, shoppers have limited options for buying on mobile, especially when it comes to buying from independent retailers. Big businesses and chain stores have the resources to make a mobile app complex enough to be used for shopping. It's a bit trickier for independent businesses. If they want to sell via app, they likely don't have the amount of inventory to justify the effort to develop a new app and cannot afford the astronomical cost. Most app development agencies are not willing to take on a project that is less than $5,000 - $10,000, which may already be more than the store is willing to pay. One app developer recommends that if businesses want an app that is actually meant to serve a function, they should budget between $200,000 and $500,000, but the costs could theoretically be even higher. The spending does not end with the app going live: a majority of app development firms agree that within one year of release, the app will likely need up to $10,000 in maintenance3. These exorbitant costs exclude most independent retailers from having access to shoppers who primarily use mobile apps, which is a group that continues to grow.

Samyata provides stores with access to the mobile marketplace and the plethora of people who prefer shopping on their phones without needing to concern themselves with the development, maintenance, or update costs. Not only does Samyata gives stores a way to sell on mobile, it also comes with inventory tracking, analytical insights, and more.

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