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Why You Need BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store)

Our previous blog post discussed why stores need multiple delivery options. However, certain delivery options are more in-demand than others. One of the most requested is for shoppers to be able to buy online and pick up in the store, also known as BOPIS. 

67% of consumers bought something online and did in-store pickup in the past six months1. Shoppers like to be able to avoid shipping costs and wait times; they want the convenience of online shopping without the hassle. This is a growing trend: 50% of shoppers have decided which online store they should shop at based on if the store had BOPIS2.

BOPIS also provides stores with cross-selling opportunities. The most reported reason for stores to offer in-store pickup is that it attracts shoppers who make additional purchases while they're there. 49% of shoppers have made an additional purchase while picking up their order, and 75% say they're likely to make an additional purchase3

With 90% of retailers planning to implement BOPIS by 20214, it is important that businesses don't fall behind. However, this isn't necessarily easy for a business to do by itself. As the infographic below shows, there are four big challenges retailers report when trying to implement BOPIS. Samyata not only addresses all of them but also includes access to shipping and a personal concierge service, letting stores offer even more options to their customers.

1. Logistics and inventory tracking

If a store is going to sell online, they need to be able to both ensure they have the logistics to process the order and to make sure the products ordered are in-stock. Samyata has built-in inventory tracking and shoppers can tell if you have an item in stock, meaning you know you won’t have a purchase asking you for something that’s out of stock, making it easy for you to receive new orders and ensuring the purchase will be something that you have on hand.

2. Training Staff

Samyata has an easy-to-use user interface that is designed to be intuitive and make it easy to train new users. Additionally, Samyata Store has demos to walk new users through the app and ensure total understanding.

3. Keeping customer information secure

Samyata’s goal is to provide everyone working with us in any capacity the highest level of privacy possible. All user information is encrypted to ensure their data stays safe.

4. Return on Investment

A Samyata subscription provides more than an easy way to offer in-store pickup. In addition to the concierge service, stores also get access to an online marketplace, a platform to reach users on both web and mobile, a program for inventory tracking, and analytical insights.

By getting a Samyata subscription, independent retailers gain access to the options that modern consumers demand. In addition to gaining exposure from being listed on a one-stop retail marketplace, Samyata evens the playing field by letting small businesses provide their customers the convenience of a chain store and deliver in the same ways behemoths do.

Interested? Sign up and see what Samyata Store can do for your business.

Return on Investment



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