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The Living Link App Suite - Bringing Families Together

The Living Link

Bodaty is thrilled to introduce the Living Link app suite! Comprised of Popopmomom and Kiddoflock, the app suite has three main goals:
  1. Give older generations a way to preserve their life and pass down their knowledge.
  2. Let younger generations learn about their relatives.
  3. Use that communication to connect families.
We think that in an increasingly digital age, increasingly digital methods are needed to achieve those goals.

That’s why we created Popopmomom. Questions such as “What was your favorite movie when you were growing up?” and “What was the best job you ever had?” ensure no part of your life is overlooked. The ghostwriter AI asks you these questions out loud (the questions also are written on the screen for your convenience). You respond verbally, and the ghostwriter will transcribe your answers and compose your biography. The interview process is entirely verbal, all you need to do is talk and listen.

Popopmomom users can then share their biography with family members. Once invited, the family member views the biography on the Kiddoflock app, where all of the stories and advice that have been shared with them are stored. In other words, Popopmomom is the author and Kiddoflock is the library. Popopmomom helps users compose their biography and write down their wisdom. Kiddoflock is a place for users to collect the biographies of their family members in one convenient place so they can look at them as often as they like.

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why unlike social media apps, there are no “public pages”; all information is private until the Popopmomom user decides to share it with a specific individual and sends them an invite to view. A Kiddoflock user can also ask a Popopmomom user for access to the profile, but until the Popopmomom user approves the request, their name is the only thing that’s visible. You control your information.

Let us start connecting your family and preserving your legacy today. Downloading the apps is FREE. Popopmomom is available on the App and Play Stores. The Kiddoflock app is also free for download on the App and Play Stores. Want to learn more? Go to LivingLink.Family.

We look forward to helping you bring your family together.