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Bodaty - Perceive, Learn, Awaken


Who We Are

At Bodaty, our goal is to change the world for the better. We believe that the way to do that is by disrupting the status quo through cutting-edge technologies. We are constantly striving for innovation, improvement, and invention to make your life, and the world, better.

When we are looking to create a product or provide a service, we ask ourselves two questions:
  1. Are we creating cutting edge technology?
  2. Are we applying that technology to solve a pressing need in the world?
If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then we’ll be there.

Our Products and Services

We’ve been working hard to create our first batch of products and services.


Samyata promises to radically improve retail commerce. As its Sanskrit meaning implies, Samyata, or “Equality”, will equalize the playing field for all retailers, big and small. Shoppers will now be able to find what they want, wherever they are, and get it the way they want.


deyaPay will change the way we pay for things and share expenses with others. It brings all the modern conveniences we expect from a payment platform into one easy integrated platform.

The Living Link

Popopmomom and Kiddoflock will bring families together, making it easy for grandparents to record and share their life experiences - a way for families to share and eternalize memories and experiences across multiple generations, using AI and conversational UIs.

Even on the services front, we continue to deliver services that focus on cutting edge technologies such as Electron Microscopy services for Nanomaterials research and Cloud Services for businesses.

You can download the apps on the App or Play Store. To learn more about our products and services, go to



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